The Sims 4




Cheats used with testingcheats on



    These codes require activating the testingcheats code, and then shift-clicking on a Sim or object or on the ground for the Teleport Sim option.

    Effect Code
    Adds the selected Sim to the current household Add to Family
    Buy Debug mode (adds extra objects) bb.showhiddenobjects
    Decrease the size of objects that where previously enlarged Shift + [
    Edit selected Sim in Create-a-Sim, except for his or her name and inherited traits Modify in CAS
    Edit the hospital, police station, etc. bb.enablefreebuild
    Fills all bars and gives selected Sim a happy mood Cheat Motive, Make Happy
    Fix a households all needs stats.fill_commodities_household
    Increase the size of objects Shift + ]
    Motives behave normally Cheat Motive, Enable Motive Decay
    Motives freeze Cheat Motive, Disable Motive Decay
    Pay your bills automatically households.autopay_bills
    Resets the selected Sim or object Reset Object
    Teleports a Sim to the selected point Teleport Sim
    The object will become clean Make Clean
    The object will become dirty Make Dirty
    Unlock all careers rewards bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement

    Contributed By: Mravac_Kidfairyg0thmother, and loppann.

Cheats/Console Commands



    Press Ctrl + Shift + C, type the Cheat/Command into the text box that appears, and then hit Enter

    Effect Code
    Adds any amount of money. sims.modify_funds +[enter amount]
    Adds specified amount of satisfaction points to current sim sims.give_satisfaction_points #
    All homes are temporarily free while the cheat is active. Enter cheat in the Neighborhood screen. If purchased, beware of the Taxes in these lots. freerealestate {on/off}
    All items bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement
    Backs out of dialog or makes a choice automatically ui.dialog.auto_respond
    Call Handyman soak.create_soak_handyman_situation
    Call Maid soak.create_soak_maid_situation
    Call Party soak.create_soak_party_situation
    Complete Current Milestone aspirations.complete_current_milestone
    Completes current aspiration milestone aspirations.complete_current_milestone
    Death by Anger sims.add_buff buff_Enraged
    Death By Embarrassment - Cause Death Within 5 Hours sims.add_buff Buff_Mortified
    Death By Exahustion sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning
    Death By Hunger - 24 Hour Death sims.add_buff Buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving
    Death by Laughter sims.add_buff buff_Hysterical
    Death By Repair sims.add_buff buff_Death_Electrocution_Warning
    Disables Death Death.toggle
    Displays available commands help
    Earn a demotion in chosen career careers.demote[name of career]
    Earn a promotion in chosen career careers.promote[name of career]
    Edit Sim mid game. cas.fulleditmode
    Enable Handyman soak.enable_soak_handyman_situation
    Enable Maid soak.enable_soak_maid_situation
    Enable Party soak.enable_soak_party_situation
    Enable/Disable cheats testingcheats {true/false}
    Exits the game. quit
    Force Bills Due households.force_bills_due
    Hides all Sim overhead effects such as plumbob, thought balloons and speech balloons. hideheadlineeffects [on|off]
    Hides alloverhead effects such as speech and thoughts balloons headlineeffects [off / on]
    Infinite Consumables objects.consumables_infinite_toggle
    Make Any Sim or Ghost Appear Pregnant sims.add_buff Pregnancy_InLabor
    Make Maid - Turn Off sims.remove_buff NPC_Maid
    Make Maid - Turn On sims.add_buff NPC_Maid
    Makes Acquaintances with ALL sims Note: Includes recently deceased sims. Takes a few seconds to complete. relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others
    Moodlets are removed sims.remove_all_buffs
    Move Objects on allows you to completely disregard all of the game's rules of object placement and place objects wherever you want. bb.moveobjects [on/off]
    Provides 1,000 Simoleons kaching OR rosebud
    Provides 50,000 Simoleons motherlode
    Raise a Child's Grade Performance Careers.promote Gradeschool OR Careers.promote Highschool
    Reset your sim. Ex. resetsim Bob Smith resetsim (sims first name) (sims lastname)
    Set Sim Age to Adult Note: Exercise caution with this. setage [Age Wanted]
    Spawn a Friend for Me Note:Spawns a sim on your lot with a 50% friendship status with your active sim. relationships.create_friends_for_sim
    Spawn object objects.gsi_create_obj <objectID>
    Spawn specified number of Sims (keep the number low to avoid crashes + don't keep these []) sims.spawnsimple[number of Sims desired]
    Subtracts any amount of money. sims.modify_funds -[enter amount]
    Toggles fullscreen. fullscreen
    Turns the frame rate display in the bottom left corner. fps [on|off]

Edit Relationship Level with Sims



    First, make sure you have activated the testingcheats code (testingcheats true/testingcheats on). Open the console menu and copy/paste the code below and edit "PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName" with your Sim's information and then "TargetFirstName TargetLastName" with your target Sim's information and a number between -100 to 100. Note that this will only change how your Sim feels, not the NPC Sim.

    Effect Code
    Customize Sims relationships. modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName (-100 to 100) Friendship/Romance_Main
    Makes Sims good friends. modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName 100 Friendship_Main
    Makes Sims soulmates. modifyrelationship PlayedSimFirstName PlayedSimLastName TargetFirstName TargetLastName 100 Romance_Main

    Contributed By: PoetsCafe.

Enter the following data into the console (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and fill out the code with their respected skills.



    Using the console you can enter the codes below for this cheat, this requires "Testing Cheats". This will automatically set the skill level of your current active Sim. Make sure to replace the <skill> with the available options below followed by the level you wish to set it to. stats.set_skill_level <skill> <level> Example: stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Logic 8 Result: Will set your Logic skill to Level 8.

    Effect Code
    Selects the Baking Skill AdultMajor_Baking
    Selects the Charisma Skill AdultMajor_Charisma
    Selects the Child's Creativity Skill Skill_Child_Creativity
    Selects the Child's Mental Skill Skill_Child_Mental
    Selects the Child's Motor Skill Skill_Child_Motor
    Selects the Child's Social Skill Skill_Child_Social
    Selects the Comedy Skill AdultMajor_Comedy
    Selects the Cooking Skill AdultMajor_HomestyleCooking
    Selects the Fishing Skill AdultMajor_Fishing
    Selects the Fitness Skill Skill_Fitness
    Selects the Gardening Skill AdultMajor_Gardening
    Selects the Gourmet Cooking Skill AdultMajor_GourmetCooking
    Selects the Guitar Skill AdultMajor_Guitar
    Selects the Handiness Skill AdultMajor_Handiness
    Selects the Herbalism Skill AdultMajor_Herbalism
    Selects the Logic Skill AdultMajor_Logic
    Selects the Mischief Skill AdultMajor_Mischief
    Selects the Mixology Skill AdultMajor_Bartending
    Selects the Painting Skill AdultMajor_Painting
    Selects the Photography Skill AdultMajor_Photography
    Selects the Piano Skill AdultMajor_Piano
    Selects the Programming Skill AdultMajor_Programming
    Selects the Reaping Skill AdultMajor_Reaping
    Selects the Rocket Science Skill AdultMajor_RocketScience
    Selects the Video Gaming Skill AdultMajor_VideoGaming
    Selects the Violin Skill AdultMajor_Violin
    Selects the Wellness Skill AdultMajor_Wellness
    Selects the Writing Skill AdultMajor_Writing

    Contributed By: EggmanChaofairyg0thmother, and JunhaoXim.

Sims 4: Get to Work Perks Cheats



    These codes require you to enable testingcheats. These will unlock perks used in retail stores, so make sure you are actively using the sim(s) that own said retail store.

    Effect Code
    Additional Employee #1 bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_1 true
    Additional Employee #2 bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 true
    Cheaper Restocking bucks.unlock_perk DescreaseRestockingCost true
    Curious Shopper bucks.unlock_perk CustomerBrowseTime true
    Faster Checkouts (large) bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Large true
    Faster Checkouts (small) bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Small true
    Faster Restocking (large) bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Large true
    Faster Restocking (small) bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small true
    Instant Restocking bucks.unlock_perk InstantRestock true
    Mega Manager bucks.unlock_perk ImproveManagementSocials true
    Placard: Fobbs 500 bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_2 true
    Placard: My First Simoleon bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_1 true
    Provocative Pedestal bucks.unlock_perk PedestalMimic true
    Register of Tomorrow bucks.unlock_perk RegisterMimic true
    Serious Shopper bucks.unlock_perk CustomerPurchaseIntent true
    Slick Salesman bucks.unlock_perk ImproveRetailSocials true
    Snazzy Shirt bucks.unlock_perk RetailOutfit true
    Stunning Sign bucks.unlock_perk SignageMimic true
    Superfluous Surplus bucks.unlock_perk DecreaseRestocking_Temporary true
    Sure Sale bucks.unlock_perk SureSaleSocial true