The sims 3




Control+Shift+C Codes



    While in game, press Control+Shift+C on your keyboard to bring up the code console. Type AlwaysAllowBuildBuy (true/false)

    Effect Code
    Adjusts your game screen to full or windowed mode. fullscreen on/off
    Allows all terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures on them. Walls, fl oors, and objects will move with the terrain. constrainFloorElevation [true/false]
    Allows changes to lot otherwise restricted by the Homeowner's Association RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [on|off] (do not enter [on|off]. Choose on or off to enter at the end of code text)
    Allows you to buy any house you want (must be done in map mode) freerealestate
    Gives a message that says, "Llamas enabled." enableLlamas [on/off]
    Gives you a joke in the code console prompt. jokePlease
    Hides all meters and effects in the game, such as the plumbbob and skill meter. hideHeadlineEffects [on/off]
    Like it says, quits the game. quit
    Lists all available commands at the moment. help
    Puts the game in slow motion. Optional parameter, value 0 = normal speed and 8 = slowest. slowMotionViz <level>
    Resets the lifetime happiness of all the sims in an active household. ResetLifetimeHappiness
    Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home. resetSim <fi rstname> <lastname>
    Shows all hidden items in buy mode after using testingcheatsenabled true buydebug [on/off]
    Shows or hides talk/thought balloons above Sims heads. HideHeadlineEffects (on/off)
    Shows your Frame per Second in the upper right area while on. fps on/off
    Switches lot tooltips on or off DisplayLotPackageFileName [on/off]
    Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them. fadeObjects [on/off]
    Turns on Testing Cheats, just shift+click a Sim, or anything else, like your Mailbox. testingcheatsenabled true
    Unlocks outfits in CAS (Create a Sim) mode. This must be enabled before going into CAS. unlockOutfits on/off
    When enabled, build mode and buy mode won't disable themselves during fires and burglary. AlwaysAllowBuildBuy (true/false)
    When holding on alt, disable snapping to slots (can be rotated in any direction also) DisableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt On/Off
    When on, objects will not snap to slots while holding alt. disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off]
    While on the lot, entering this will give you $1,000. kaching
    While on the lot, entering this will give you $50,000. motherlode
    With this On, it will allow you to move anything, including Sims, in your Buy/Build mode. moveobjects on/off